Yes, this is exactly what it looks like, a Rice Krispy wedding cake!

Before you star rolling your eyes, read the story below :)

This cake was commissioned for Allie and Duncan’s 10th wedding anniversary. They decided to throw a dance party to celebrate and did the whole thing as a farce. The guests were invited to wear their wedding clothes (I got wear my wedding dress a second time! Yeah!) and everyone got married again by an Elvis impersonator, then danced the night away, which we did.
So for the cake, Allie got the idea of doing the Rice Krispy thing and I of course needed to kick it up by filling it with White Chocolate Ganache. They found the silliest wedding topper they could and since the decor was all green and white, Voila!
We were all a bit surprised how good it was, how much fun it was to serve and everyone had some! I guess we all worked up an appetite with all that dancing.
It was great to go to a wedding type party and celebrate without the high emotion of the wedding itself. We should all do this more often.
Thank you Allie and Duncan for giving me the opportunity to bake out(side) of the box!
OK, maybe not actually bake, but you know what I mean.