I had a great time making cookies this year for Christmas gifts! I am afraid that I ate quite a few myself. Here is an assortment we ate with friends on Christmas Eve. In the front are my fabulous Hungarian Shortbread bars filled with strawberry rhubarb jam. Next are hazelnut thumbprints filled with 3 types of jam. Next are cornmeal icebox cookies layered with homemade cherry jam made from an old variety of cherries picked at Monticello’s orchard. (I have a close friend who works there!)
Next are pinenut crusted amaretti and maple cream sandwiches.
All with 3 flavors of Ben and Jerry’s-we were very happy!

So you can see I had a little too much fun staying up late and making gingerbread men and ladies! I especially liked making the hair!

These were all for a Christmas party catered by Harvest Moon Catering.