I am crazy for gumpaste daisies!!!
These were so much fun to make. I stayed up late after the hubby and boy go to bed and went to town! When I am working on a something like this, I feel like I am a little girl again making craft projects for school the next day. This time, though, I have the skills to make my “project” look in real life the same way it does in my head. I think it may be why I love making cakes, the vision to reality process. OK, I admit, my incredible love of eating cake might have something to do with it.
This cake definitely fulfilled both loves. The outside was light, airy, innocent, and deceptively simple (there are over 60 daisies on it). But on the inside it was dark, dense, sinful and delicious.
Dark chocolate sour cream layers were spread with raspberry jam, filled with dark chocolate ganache and fresh raspberries, and iced with white chocolate buttercream.
The dichotomy of this cake- does it reflect a complicate nature of the bride? I imagine Alexander is finding out! Lots of love to you both!