A wedding may be one day, but the stories last forever.
Kira and Tyler were married on his family farm the morning after the Derecho.
This wedding, I am sure, has more stories than many. I didn’t have power, they didn’t have power and everyone had to cross power lines lying on the ground to get there.
As a lady whose wedding was the weekend Hurricane Isabel, I understand the meaning of
“the wedding must go on”!
And it did. When I arrived to deliver, the band was setting up with generators, the tables looked gorgeous (despite having to redo everything!) and the flowers were stunning. Everyone was in a great mood despite it all and a great time was had by all. That is what I call a party.
And for dessert, they had White Butter Layers filled with Raspberry Curd and iced with White Chocolate Buttercream and decorated with cherries and tiny apricots.